How Does Qiqima Work?


1. Sign Up for Free


After filling in the required information, you will need to check your email and click the given link before you can log in.



2. Set Your Profile


Profile Settings

Account: View or edit your account details. Make sure you complete your one line bio to help people get to know you better.
Password: Change your password often to keep your account secure.
Devices: Enter your mobile phone number and elect to receive messages and notifications directly to your phone via SMS.
Notices: Check the appropriate options to receive messages and notifications through email.
Picture: Make your profile more personal by uploading a picture.


3. Find Friends


Find Friends


See if your friends or family members are already using Qiqima.

Find on Qiqima: You can search for people you know who already have a Qiqima account by typing in a name or email address.
Find on other Networks: We can check if your friends on other services already have a Qiqima account. Choose from services like Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail and more.
Invite by Email: You can invite people by sending them an email. Multiple emails can be separated with a comma.
Suggested Users: Maybe you've heard of these QiQima users? Select the people you'd like to start following.



4. Find Communities



Find Communities

Use the box to find communities based on your interests or by typing in the groups name.




5. Build Your Community


Build Your Community

Create a Community: Give your community a name that best describes the group. Please use only letters and numbers.
Settings: Give prospective community members an idea of what you're about.
Invite Members: Send an email or direct message to invite friends, colleagues or family members to join your community.
Change Image: Upload or change the image to give your community some character.

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