Use Qiqima from your mobile phone


Qiqima lets you participate in discussions and interact with your online community via SMS messages. By send specially coded messgaes to 31022, you are able to have many of the same functions as web users. This service is currently only available to Cell C, MTN and Vodacom subscribers in South Africa (local text messaging rates apply). You can even use this system to sign for an account on Qiqima. Just follow the SMS functions below.


So go ahead and give it a try, and send the SMS to 31022.


Qiqima via SMS

To create a new user account:
QIQ REG@username,password,name,email

To post a message:
QIQ ME@your message


To join a group/community:
QIQ JOIN@groupname


To create a new group/community
QIQ COMM@groupname


To post to a community:
QIQ groupname@your message

To send a private message:
QIQ username@your message


To start receiving notifications via SMS:

To stop receiving notifications via SMS:



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