Qiqima has a privacy policy and security which aims to protect its users against the misuse of their personal information to third parties.

Qiqima does not sell or share the personal information of its users with third parties. Only through the express authorization by the user or through authorization or judicial determination may such information be disclosed to the authority requesting it.

To ensure the safety of user's information, we recommend that your password for personal use and for access to your profile is changed periodically, and that it is not provided to third parties. It is also recommended that you practice caution in the disclosure of any personal data to third parties.

Qiqima recommends that the user be careful when disclosing personal information such as a telephone numbers or physical and electronic addresses to outside parties. As information disclosed by the user in your profile is solely the responsibility of the user.

Where Qiqima thinks necessary, it prompts the user's password for the practice of certain services or for the release of the system.

In case of a forgotten password, if requested, Qiqima send the user's password for the electronic primary informed in your registration. This includes access to third-party sites via API.

Qiqima makes the great effort to ensure the safety and protection of the data of its users against access by unauthorized persons or the inappropriate use of the information supplied by its users, using the appropriate technologies for both.

The personal password of the user is confidential and encrypted, which ensures its secrecy. It is only through their personal password that the user will be able to change their personal data. We advise that you use a sequence of numbers or letters that are not easily identifiable.

Qiqima seeks to and offers a service of excellence and, for both, is based on legislation of the country and trust in the good faith of its users for the provision of their services.

Qiqima can review all of the content published by the site, and may withdraw information included for its users who are in conflict with the contractual provisions contained in this agreement or use of the existing legal system, and reject any profile, text or picture that violates the requirements included in this contract.

Qiqima can edit or alter the content of any profile registered by their users when they verify the use of offensive language, or identify unlawful practices. This includes but is not limited to  any content that infringes upon the law or the boundaries of morality.

Qiqima, triggered by judicially actionable acts committed by its users, has the right to recover what it has spent in court against those who gave cause, through their actions.

Qiqima is not responsible, and not be liable, for any third party making use of the information provided by the user in your profile or published on the site.

The user, from the present Agreement, authorizes, explicitly, that Qiqima use resources, such as, but not limited to, cookies, in order to provide a better and more personalized service. Cookie is a small amount of data, usually including an anonymous unique identifier, sent to the user through a web site and stored on the disk of your computer. The user can configure your browser to accept all cookies, reject them or be notified when a cookie is sent. As each browser does this in a different way, check the tool to aid in your browser to learn how to modify their preferences on cookies.

WARNING: If the user chooses to reject all cookies in your browser, will be unable to use all the resources and services offered by Qiqima.

Qiqima use their own cookies for various purposes, including:

  • Check your information when access, in order to have personalized content;
  • Display ads geared to your profile;
  • Estimate traffic;
  • Conducting research to improve the content and services of Qiqima.
  • Qiqima allows other companies that are providing advertising services, advertising or running through our services, the place and have access to cookies on your computer. The use of cookies by these companies is their responsibility, and they are established in their respective policies on privacy, not part of this Agreement.

Advertisers or other companies do not have access to cookies from Qiqima.

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